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As the mission of The Healing Center continues to expand so do our websites.  I’m also a bit of a computer geek which probably plays a role well. :) We’ve listed the most common destinations our visitors are looking for in the tiles below. Each one of the tiles will take you to a specific page in one of our websites. Because of this the cosmetics of each one may be different. Feel free to wander through any of them and if you ever get lost simply go to and you’ll find you way back here.

Where in the world is Russ?

Shout out to OTTAWA! I’m going to be down your way conducting a Reiki Level 1 and 2 workshop on November 14,15. 

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We’re scheduling our Reiki Master’s class for the fall and would love to include you on the selection of dates. Email us at

Anaheim, CA
Oct 3,4
2 spots left

Banff, AB
Meditation and Manifesting
Oct 17,18
2 spots left

Edmonton, AB
Oct 24,25
3 spots left

Houston, TX
Oct 31,Nov 1
2 spots left


Banff, Alberta October 17,18


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