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Birds and Boats and Randomness and Chaos


The more I learn and grow the more I understand the importance, value, and power of perception. Perception truly is reality. It’s not just a catchy analogy it’s hard cold facts.

When we choose a different perspective on what we’re observing we become a different person. What is so fundamental to understand is when we change our perception we change our identity. Nothing really changes in that which we are perceiving. The transformation happens within us. Nothing external ever really changes, at least not in the manner we think.

We strive and strive to directly change our external circumstance into something better, or at least different, than they are now. Why this is so often a futile and misguided effort is that we’re trying to change the wrong thing.

If you want to change your world you first, and often only, have to change yourself. You must become a different person. So how do we become a different person? While there are a multiple of paths and processes, I find the simplest and most effective and efficient method is to choose to change our perception. Choose to change the way you look at things. As one of my favorite teachers (Wayne Dyer) always said “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

What’s step one in this journey? The first is to practice being aware of the perceptions you currently have. Our external world is wonderful fodder for storytelling. That’s, in many ways, what a perception is, a story, and we’re the ones telling it. What stories are you telling about your world. Notice I said “your” world, not “the” world. Your world is just that, your world, not my world, not the world, your world. Your story is your story. Your perception is your perception, therefore your identity is your choice. What are you choosing to be true? Who are you choosing to be? What is the filtered lens of perception you are using to create your identity and therefore your world.

One of the most common filters (perceptions) many of us use is the “truth” that we live in a world of randomness and chaos. If we do perceive order, the error is in our perception. We are essentially deluding ourselves into thinking, believing, and being some wonderful character in this grand drama and adventure movie called life.

Much like the children who lay on their backs on a summers day and gaze at the clouds deciding one looks like a bird and another looks like sail boat. The clouds are nothing more than clouds and the birds and sailboats are simply ephemeral fantasies conjured up through an active child’s imagination. An imagination that stills believes in miracles and magic. An immature mind not yet grounded in reality. Maybe that’s the reason they can still fly. They don’t know who they really are yet so they can believe in magic. After all they’re only children and don’t have the uncomfortable weight of adult responsibilities.

For children money grows on trees, Santa Claus exists, and time is eternal. For them a day can last forever. As adults we are all too aware that money most assuredly does not grow on trees, and a month goes by in a minute. Santa Claus still exists but only as far as our bank account can stretch.

Children still believe in happy endings. As an adult we know that happy endings, when they do occur, are welcome surprise coincidences that arrive far too seldom. Only an illusion that the cold detached world of reality conjured up we live in fantasy world for a moment and then vanish just as quickly as it appeared.

But what if.

What if you decided you lived in a world where the legions of armies of our fives sense were actually fighting and forging ahead for you and not against?

What if you decided, in your world, there were magic and miracles?

What if you decided they were happy endings?

What if you decided you were, in reality, a powerful manifesting creature and not a helpless victim?

What if the clouds really were birds and boats?

What if, every time you choose to change your perception you changed yourself?

What if that’s all it takes?

Ask The Wizard – What does it take for a miracle?


Miracle, the word conjures up a vast array of images and feelings often as diverse as the hearts who choose to believe or deny them.

Where is a miracle? For so many it lives in some far off promised land and while we may catch glimpses of it’s beauty we know we will never walk it’s paths or bath in it’s glory. It’s reserved for legends, and happy ever after movies, or a short news byte on the television.

When do we use the word? Typically when we’re neck deep in a dilemma or crisis that we’re very confident is going to burst into flames of disaster. Much like a garden hose to extinguish a forest fire, we desperately throw the word into our vocabulary never really believing it will happen.

What does the word mean? For so many it means impossible. “It will take a miracle” is often used when we truly have come to the end of line. There is no way to advert the anguish barreling towards us. We say it so often never once believing it could happen. In order for the miracle to manifest it would have to bring the answer from the land of impossibilities and that, by definition, is impossible.

For so many miracles really means impossible. We hope for a miracle, we pray for a miracle, we do our best to believe for a miracle but do we actually live like it could happen? All too often the answer is no.

Why?  Because miracles simply are not part of our normal everyday experience. They can’t be otherwise they wouldn’t be a miracle. If a miracles happened everyday then they wouldn’t be miracles. The impossible simply does not manifest as a “normal” day in the neighborhood.

But what if they could?

What if miracles could be a normal everyday occurrence? What if rather than desperately pleading for them in the darkest of the dark we started to expect, and look for them. What if miracles were such an integral part of our everyday experience that when they manifested it would hardly cause any raised eyebrow of throaty gasp?

What happens when a miracle occurs?

Firstly we often shocked. Oh, I know we may say “I knew it was possible” or “The Universe/God answered our prayers” but because we have positioned a miracle in the homeland of impossible we are often stunned beyond belief when it arrives. It comes completely unexpected even though we asked for it. After the initial shock wears off it quickly gives way to ecstatic waves of relief. We laugh and shout and marvel at our good fortunes and divine blessings.

We immediately start telling everyone we know about the gift that was delivered as the clouds of heaven parted and made way for it’s delivery.

What if none of those reactions happened? What if, when the miracle manifested rather than greeting it with incredulation we welcomed it with expectation? What if a miracle was “no big deal”?

And there lay the secret to manifesting miracles.

The first step to take is to relocate them from the land of the impossible to the neighborhood of expectation. For miracles to be everyday occurrences we first must package them that way. What if, everyday we started off expecting miracles to present themselves to us, with out us asking for them even once? What if they were as normal as the morning coffee shop where you buy your daily latte, or your favorite news website you scan through over breakfast, the special lunch menu you check to see what today’s special is. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing strange, weird, or even noteworthy in some respects. Not because they cease to be of value but because they have simply become a natural part of your day to day living.

What if rather than looking for miracles we decided to expect them. When we choose to expect miracles in our experience we create a welcoming environment for them to present themselves to us in all their glory, splendor, and normalcy.

I believe, as you choose, and choose, and choose again, to expect not just one miracle, but to have them take their place as the foundation stone of life they will gladly accept your offering.

In so many ways, when we choose to be willing to allow miracles into our lives we are swinging the door open wide for them to start rolling in and they will make their presence know. Don’t go looking for them, simply be aware. They are here, they are real and they want to make their presence known.

They’re only asking for permission.

Yours …….


Ask The Wizard – Ever have a WTF day?


Ever had a WTF day? Even as I type that last sentence I already know the answer. We’ve all had them. Sometime it feels like we’ve had a WTF week, month, or even year.

Considering this experience is common to all of us it’s important to understand what ingredients need to go together to create a WTF.

Here’s the secret, what creates a WTF moment is not what has happened in our physical world, it’s the internal story we tell about it. Now, I’m not saying for one second that what happened should have happened, or wasn’t incredibly unfair or undeserved, but nevertheless what creates the WTF moment is you.

The events that happen in our physical work are simply that, events. They have no moral weight, they’re not premeditated in any way, there’s no conspiracy against your happiness or growth. They simply are. They often cause temporary pain and discomfort but they are completely unaware they are. They simply are.

What creates the WTF is the stories we tell about the external experience. Our perception of our external world is just that “our” perception. We get to choose and craft the filters and flavorings we use to paint the internal picture of our momentary external environment.

When we feel discouraged, insulted, unappreciated, hard done by, singled out and the whole host of other trappings we decorate our internal house with, they are choices we have made. The external world did not make them for us. Like it or not we did.

This powerful understanding often goes unnoticed because we are too busy justifying our story and/or waging internal, and sometimes external, war on the enemy that is the external circumstance.

If we would only take a moment to let go of that insatiable need to look out we could turn and look within where the secret to resolving every WTF moment lie. Within us. It’s our story and we can choose to change it at any time. Believe me, I know it’s much easier said than done, but just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible or not worth every ounce of effort we expend.

Are there always going to be those external circumstances that we can effortless label WTF? Yep, there will be. Our external experience is the one thing in life we, frankly, have very little control over. However the good news is that doesn’t matter.

What matters is our story and that, my friend, you own. Nobody can tell your story but you.

So if you choose to be offended, insulted, or have decorated the house for a kick ass pity party you are completely empowered to do so. Just remember, it’s your party and your guests and you’re agenda.

Unlike everything in our physical world which has a beginning, middle, and end no matter how profound or profane, your internal celebration is timeless. The party can go on and on, for years if you wish. If you keep giving the power to every person, place, thing, or event, labeling them as the villain you will always find a new reason to keep the party rolling.

However, if you ever tire of the lamentations and accusations you, and only you, have the power to shut the event down and send everyone home.

In the spirit of “keeping it real” this practice works great in a theoretical world but we all know we don’t live anywhere near there. I have to confess I still hold the odd misery gathering now and then. I’ll dance with the justification twins, do the two step with cousin insult, and have a few cold ones at the self pity table. However, I also have a very large clock on the wall that I’m very aware of. I watch the minutes roll past and after an hour or two has passed I announce the party is over and kick everyone out.

I take back my power from the external “villains” dust myself off and get back to business.

Has your party gone on long enough?

Have your guests out stayed their welcome?

Is it time to get back to the business of living an empowered life?

Then get off your butt, decide to close up shop, reset your direction and start walking.

In A Moment Everything Can Change


Have you ever noticed how readily we accept misfortunes, calamities and disasters? In many ways we live like an episode of The Walking Dead.

I’ve been watching past seasons of this rather bizarre but ironically compelling series on Netflix. The series centers around a rag tag band of people being chased by the “undead” or zombies. As I watch one episode after another I see a reoccurring theme. Whenever things get going too well, you know something really bad is about to happen. Just when they start to feel safe and happy then somebody, or something presents itself to destroy it and everything falls apart. As they struggle through calamity after calamity they have now come to expect “bad news”.

I find it interesting how often we embrace the same theme. When we hear of a sudden calamity befalling someone, say a sudden sickness, accident, or natural disaster we often aren’t too much surprised.


Because we know, and we validate through our speech, behaviors, and reactions that in a moment everything can change. To elaborate, everything can change for the worst in a moment. We talk about how precious life, limb, and liberty is. How fleeting this precarious position can be and how much we  truly appreciate each moment because we don’t know if the next moment is going to bring disaster.

We readily accept things can go really bad really fast.

Given our profound belief in this truth I find it amazing how we have such difficulty in embracing the equally valid truth that they can change in the moment for the better.

We have been so conditioned to accept the worst that we have completely excommunicated the best.

What if, just for today, you choose to embrace the same truth but going in a different direction? What if today you decided to expect that the miracle you’ve been looking for can, and will, present itself in a blink of an eye. Not through a long arduous and often futile quest for the impossible but a foregone conclusion of the reality that is trying to present itself to us.

And that’s the thing. The Universe is always conspiring for us. It’s just we’ve decided we don’t want it’s help. The Universe always loves to make grand entrances. Like the hero in an action movie that arrives just in time from out of the blue to save the day. In the depths of utter darkness the hero arrives to save the day and in a moment darkness gives way to light.

However it too often has a very difficult time getting to center stage because we’re too busy anticipating what can go wrong instead of what can go right. It zigs and we zag.

What if, just for today, you decided you were going to anticipate, and expect, everything to change in a moment not for the better, but for the best it can possible be.

Despite what you’ve decided your past has predicted for you. In the face of the self defeating limitations of your perception of how far away your dreams and desires are.

What if, just for today, you decided that your dreams, desires, and “miracles” can suddenly appear in your presence.

Not because you did anything special. Not because you thought anything special. Not because you acquired anything special.

Just because you are special.

What if, just for today, you decided you were special. Not for any reason other than you decided you are.

The Universe knows you’re special. That’s why it’s currently moving heaven and earth to bring your miracle to you. When you decide to think you’re special you are now resonating with the Universe in a special and powerful way and …..

In a moment everything can change for the absolute best it can possibly be.

And that sounds a whole lot better than being over run  by zombies. 🙂