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I often think about strange things, that’s why so many of you are often in my thoughts. 🙂

I’ve decided to embark on yet another venture.

I’m really putting myself out there in this one.

I’m giving you the opportunity if you wish, or dare :), to take a short glimpse into my thoughts and learning on a daily basis. It will, at times, be inspirational and others thought provoking. It may be amusing or sobering. It may be re-assuring or challenging.

You never know what will show up in your email box next. It may be a quick post as I’m waiting to board a flight to my next workshop, it could be a bouncy, unedited, video clip as I walking down the street. I may be in a sidewalk cafe or riding on a bus.

You just never know. And that’s the fun part!

Each day I receive, and become, of little nuggets of wisdom that support my growth and advancement into my dreams. I invite you to walk that same path with me. Not into my dreams, but yours …….

One thing I know for sure, they won’t be dull.

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