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What does manifesting have to do with intimate relationships?

At first glance, you may wonder why a teaching series on Manifesting Desires is showing up on a website devoted to developing spectacular intimate relationships?

And that is the whole point, everything in your life experience is based your relationship to it. Whether it’s a perfect and passionate partner, a lusciously healthy body, overflowing bank account, they are all part of the spectrum of your intimate relationships with life.

This is the whole reason for this new expression of our mission. Think about it, what’s more sexier than a smoking hot intimate realtionship with your partner as well as one with your bank account?

Sound to good to be true? Nope, and that’s the point. We really can have it all we have just been programming into thinking, and believing, we can’t.

Our desire with this new teaching series is to share the understandings and practical tools that empower you to launch yourself into a whole new depth of power and intimacy in all your relationships in life.

We’re calling it Manifestation Clarification and given it a hashtag of #manifestationclarification. As always the initial platform we’ll broadcast from is my Facebook Profile (www.facebook.com/russlittau

We’ll also post selected video’s on our Spectacular Relationships website. This site will also be where we host the subscription based E-Courses.

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