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How we’ve misunderstood the process of healing

As with many things, I’ve found my chosen perspective on an experience, a person, and event, and even a word makes all the difference in the world. Such is the case with the word “healing”.

Often when we think of healing we look at it as an process of fixing something that’s broken. Why do we think of it that way? Because the “world” has conditioning us to swallow the illusion we are inherently broken or damaged. While it is an illusion, if we believe it to be true, then it is.

While it feels very real and is verified a thousand times over by our external concepts of a broken world, it still is, at it’s roots, an illusion.

So, how do I look at the very same word and experience?

First we need to correct the misconception that we are somehow broken. Are there areas in our life experience we’d like to improve? Of course, but in that statement lay the secret. We’re improving something not fixing it. None of us on the healing journey are broken, we are simply choosing to heal, grow, expand, and evolve into a greater expression of ourselves.