Reiki Training Classes Level One and Two Certification Texas

Reiki Training Classes Level One and Two Certification Texas

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International Reiki Master and Teacher Russ Littau will be conducting a personalized one on one Reiki Level One and Two workshop for 4 students (max class size). You will enjoy unprecedented attention, support, and mentoring in the amazing, healing, lifestyle that is Reiki.


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My name is Russ Littau. I have been conducting Reiki Certification workshops across Canada, United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom for ten years. During that time things have changed. I have changed. The teaching has changed.

Do we still honor the rich tradition that is Reiki. The answer is a resounding yes!

But there’s something more and that’s where the + comes in. We’ve taken old world traditions and evolved them into powerful understandings and tools that can be used everyday and in every way. 

Is Reiki a powerful self healing treament? Yes!

Does Reiki allow you to buffer and dispell toxic energy from others? Absolutely!

Can I use Reiki to treat others and open their own pathway to healing? Yes!

Will I learn how to gently and effectively bring peace to past traumas? Yes!

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Will Reiki+ plus help you to be more creative? Yes!

Can Reiki+ enhance your relationship with your spouse, or partner? Absolutely!

Will Reiki+ support me in manifesting my dreams and desires? Yes!

Can Reiki+ supercharge my intuitive abilities? Absolutely!

Will Reiki+ help me to be more effective in my workplace? Yes!

During your weekend event I will walk you through power understanding of frankly, how life works. When you understand the roadmap that underpins the entirety of everything we know as life you can begin to practically and powerful introduce change.

Personalized one on one instruction in 4 student class sizes

My story of healing, transformation, and life mission

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 “It is my obsessive desire to be a catalyst for you to remember how powerful you really are.” Russ Littau


Dear Friend, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by.

I still remember my first Reiki Certification Training I took like it was yesterday. It was the fall of 2004. Earlier that spring I had been healed of a severe lower back injury through a method I never ever dreamed was possible. A friend of mine, who had been reading a book on energy healing, came over and by gently resting his hands on my lower back initiated a healing process that in two treatments restored my back to the health and vibrance I had once enjoyed but thought I may have lost forever.

That was when everything changed.

I began to explore all areas of energy healing, meditation, energy physiology, and more. I started a weekly meditation group and have conducted over 200 meditation gatherings. After taking my initial Reiki levels in 2004 I became a Reiki Master and Teacher and taught my first certification class in December of 2005. Since that time I have taught hundreds of students through out Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

Sharing what I have learnt with people just like you is not a 9 to 5 job for me. It’s not something I do. It’s what I am here to do. For myself and my team it truly is a way of life. If you have come this far, I encourage you to take the next step and register for our next workshop(s) in your area. I assure you that it is not a mistake that you are here.



Tuition Discounts!


For these one time workshops we are offering a reduced tuition of 40% off regular tuition!

Share this life changing experience with a friend or loved one and their tuition is slashed 70%!!

Our Bring a Friend Program allows you to bring a friend for only a fraction of their regular tuition!

Scroll down this webpage for details.

Perfect for couples, friends, and family members!


What makes us so different?

  • Small intimate class sizes
  • Personalized one on one instruction and mentoring
  • Attain your Reiki Level 1 and 2 Certification in one power packed weekend workshop
  • unprecedented student support
  • Teachers who truly “walk the talk”


In this Reiki Workshop you’ll learn …

It’s been validated by science that when you change on the inside the “energy” you radiate out begins to change others too. I believe this is why our method of teaching Reiki is so powerful. During your weekend retreat we focus on sharing with you the tools to change yourself.

Then we show you how to use the “new you” and the energy healing modalities we teach you to help others.

Your “clients” are everywhere. Not just someone you may be giving a formal treatment to but the person who serves you coffee in the morning, your co-workers, friends and family.

Everywhere you look there are opportunities to help others. To relieve and even release pain. To give hope. To encourage. To refresh and recharge.


Powerful Empowering Tools for Today’s Real World

Modern day Spirituality is not about sitting on a mountain top with a flower in your hair chanting Ohm. It’s about real world techniques for managing our thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions that at first glance may seem “unusual” or even border on the precipice of the absurd.

However the only reason they do is because we have not been taught several fundamental facts about our experience of life. Once we understand the foundations upon which meditation and the tangible and manageable effect our thoughts, intentions, and emotions have on our external world do we realize that there is more to this world than meets the eye.

Not strange or spooky, just very powerful.

One that may seem magical at first however by the end of the conference you will know the process that goes on behind the scenes that turns magic into powerfully predictable life processes.


Reiki Training Certification Level 1 and 2 Accelerated Learning

(Training and Coaching time of approx 12 hrs conducted over Saturday/Sunday day sessions)

Our Reiki Training Certification training is a unique blend of online video training modules and powerful, transformational weekend retreats. Through these powerful combinations we are able to allow you to begin your journey of discover the instant you register.

While the preparatory video modules are fantastic foundation builders and the practical hands on retreat literally transform your life in a weekend, the real gem in what we offer is the life long learning programs.

Our online academy hosts a wide array of online networking tools that provide you unprecedented support in which ever direction you choose to grow in your new-found abilities.


Curriculum Overview of Level One and Two Reiki Certification

  • History of Reiki & it’s founder
  • General theory of energy healing
  • Theory of Reiki as a healing modality
  • Foundations of visualization
  • The power of imagination
  • Practical applications of visualization in treating others and your own personal development
  • Releasing your Baggage” – workshops on releasing emotional memories gently, quickly, and profoundly
  • Hands on practice time giving treatments on yourself and others
  • Treating over distance – how to effective treat others whether they’re ten feet away or ten thousand miles
  • Bringing the past and the future into the present – The key to releasing emotional traumas
  • Treating spaces and places using Reiki


Click on the links below for a workshop in your area

 [Dallas Workshop] [Austin Workshop] [Houston Workshop] [San Antonio Workshop] [El Paso Workshop] 

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