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Professional World Class Training from International Reiki Master & Teacher

Celebrating 12 years of sharing this life changing workshop across Canada, United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, and France

International Reiki Master and Teacher Russ Littau will be taking the best of the best of 12 years of International teaching and share them through this personalized one on one Reiki Level One and Two workshop for 4 students (max class size). You will enjoy unprecedented attention, support, and mentoring in the amazing, healing, lifestyle that is Reiki.

Three powerful ways to receive our training
  1. We’d love to have you join us at one of our scheduled events listed below however,

  2. if our posted dates don’t fit we can often adjust our schedule or even create an event around your availability. Email me at and we can undoubtedly adjust to fit your specific scheduling desires. Or, if

  3.  1 on 1 tutoring is more your style we can help with that too. Email me at and we can arrange your own unqiue certifcation workshop delivered on your schedule and availability personaly conducted by myself.

And it gets better …



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  • Share this life changing experience with a friend and they save $511 on their tuition.

  • We’ll also include a variety of home study programs valued at over $197. You will receive access instructions with your registration confirmation email.


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June 10,11 (Registration Closed)

July 8,9 new dates (REGISTRATION OPEN)  - Early Bird Registration Date: May 24 save 40% reduction of your tuition!

July, 22,23 new dates (REGISTRATION OPEN)  - Early Bird Registration Date: May 24 save 40% reduction of your tuition!

August 12,13, 10,11 new dates (REGISTRATION OPEN)  - Early Bird Registration Date: May 24 save 40% reduction of your tuition!

*Have the dates changed since you last visited? Here's Why ...

Because of our small class sizes, and the number of locations in which we teach, our scheduled dates may fluctuate until we receive our first confirmed registration for a given location and date. As soon as that happens the date is locked in and won't change.

If the workshop dates says CONFIRMED beside it it means the date is locked in and won't change. If it doesn't there is the potential they could change. However, if you see one that fits perfect for you simple register and by doing so it will lock the date in and you'll know you're safe.


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You will share this experience with a maximum of 3 other students. Over the past 10 years of teaching we have found that everyone experiences this journey in their own unique fashion. Because of this the personalized, one on one, mentoring and coaching we offer during the workshop is priceless in creating the best possible experience for each student


I will personally walk each one of you through the weekend, blending in the subtle nuances that will make it relevant and applicable in your unqiue circumstance.


Awareness + Understanding + Daily Application = Fabulous Healing Life Experiences!


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Dear Friend, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by.

I still remember my first Reiki Certification Training I took like it was yesterday. It was the fall of 2004. Earlier that spring I had been healed of a severe lower back injury through a method I never ever dreamed was possible. A friend of mine, who had been reading a book on energy healing, came over and by gently resting his hands on my lower back initiated a healing process that in two treatments restored my back to the health and vibrance I had once enjoyed but thought I may have lost forever.

That was when everything changed.

I began to explore all areas of energy healing, meditation, energy physiology, and more. I started a weekly meditation group and have conducted over 200 meditation gatherings. After taking my initial Reiki levels in 2004 I became a Reiki Master and Teacher and taught my first certification class in December of 2005. Since that time I have taught hundreds of students through out Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

Sharing what I have learnt with people just like you is not a 9 to 5 job for me. It’s not something I do. It’s what I am here to do. For myself and my team it truly is a way of life. If you have come this far, I encourage you to take the next step and register for our next workshop(s) in your area. I assure you that it is not a mistake that you are here.


Curriculum Overview of Level One and Two Reiki Certification

  • History of Reiki & it’s founder
  • General theory of energy healing
  • Theory of Reiki as a healing modality
  • Foundations of visualization
  • The power of imagination
  • Practical applications of visualization in treating others and your own personal development
  • Releasing your Baggage” – workshops on releasing emotional memories gently, quickly, and profoundly
  • Hands on practice time giving treatments on yourself and others
  • Treating over distance – how to effective treat others whether they’re ten feet away or ten thousand miles
  • Bringing the past and the future into the present – The key to releasing emotional traumas
  • Treating spaces and places using Reiki



“We’re all in this together”

The real work happens after the class when you start to apply what you’ve learnt. That’s why we focus so much on our life long support and mentoring. My greatest desire is to see you experience all the transforming benefits that Reiki has to offer and watch the wonderful seeds that were planted during your workshop florish and grow.

Upon completion of your workshop you will join a thriving community of travellers just like you, exploring a greater expression of who you are and stepping into a brand new adventure of living. However, it’s not always roses and sunshine. Sometimes we feel very much alone as we often don’t have the network of like minded people around us to share and grow with. That’s where our community truly shines.


  • Student resource library chocked full of review videos, and other support resources

  • Regular on-line multi-media mentoring and coaching sessions

  • Facebook group specifically for our practitioners to share and grow together

  • One on one support from myself via email, Facebook, or phone

  • Reiki Refresh and Recharge conferences where we can meet face to face and network with other travellers of like minds


Reiki Level 1 and 2 Registration



Total Tuition for both Reiki Level 1 and 2 Certification  $958 however register before the Early Bird Date and enjoy a $381 reduction dropping your tuition for the entire workshop to only $577.



Share this amazing experience with a friend and their tuition is reduced by $511 meaning they can experience the entire workshop for only $447
Groups of 3 or more? Wow, this is where things really get good! Email us at and we’ll work out a fantastic group rate.

We’d love to have you join us!

Scroll down to Register and start your first step into this once in a life time learning experience.


If you’re ready to take this experience to the next level be sure to check out the details of our optional Diamond Level Coaching & Mentoring Program on your way to the bottom of the page to register.



Take your workshop shop experience to the next level with our optional Diamond Coaching & Mentoring.

“Where do I go from here?”

“Is this the first step towards a new career in helping others heal?”

“Is this a new personal direction for me, and if so, to where?”

“I’m really tired and am looking for a change!”

Questions like these and others often cause us to really wonder about where we’ve been and where we are going.

Our Diamond Level Coaching and Mentoring program is a long term, one on one, journey that you and I will embark upon to answer these questions, and more.

3Using a very simple, yet powerful set of tools, together we’ll build a direction and action plan. Then, I will personally work with you to guide you through the inevitable “growing pains” of stepping into new ways of living.

Through regular coaching and mentoring sessions conducted through phone, email, and online video meetings I’ll mentor and coach you through this amazing journey that lay ahead of you.

Before you say yes, here’s what you need to know.

My role in the process is to support, offer distance healing, coaching, and guiding, however it will also be to hold you accountable for taking the steps. I only care about one thing, you seeing results. If your “homework” isn’t done you’re going to hear about it from me. 🙂

This program will span two months and will consist of online, interactive, sessions once every two weeks.

The first steps will be to set up our session schedule and conduct our first meeting. At that time you’ll receive some home study materials to work through to help you get your journey underway.


If you purchase this optional coaching and mentoring program now you will not only receive a significant discount but our first session will be face to face after your Reiki workshop. There is no better way to get things going than this!


One on One Mentoring & Coaching
Home Study Materials
Helping you overcome the inevitable bumps in the road.  This is undoutedly the area I will add the most value. The “easy” part is starting, the challenges arise when we start to grow and work through the natural resistances that are indicators of fundamental change. When the questions, frustrations, and even discouragement arises I’m there to coach you through them to the freedom that lay on the other side.

The Diamond Coaching and Mentoring Program purchased as a stand alone is $779.00 however if you choose this amazing service at the time you register we slash the price to only $379.00. You will have the opportunity to select this option in the information portion of the registration.

If you’re registering with a friend and choose the Diamond Coaching and Mentoring program we’ll work through the program together. Learning and growing with a friend is perfect and a definite win/win!


Class Sizes and Location

hotel-banner-1Because we keep our class sizes so small (no more than four students) we typically conduct the workshops in a hotel suite.

We work with a variety of well known chains as well as a selection of trusted independents.
We look for one with ane ambiance that is conducive to the fantastic healing and personal development lifestyle we will be sharing. We find it’s much nicer than sterile conference rooms.
We firm up the exact venue about a month before the event and will post it here as well as update our registered students.


Your Teacher: Russ Littau
Your home for this weekend of transformation is:
We’re busy choosing the perfect venue for your weekend experience. It will be in Seattle or immediate area.

Students are responsible for their own accommodations, if required, and while they are welcome to stay with us at the workshop hotel they are also free to make other arrangements if they wish.

I’m in!

Perfect, I look forward to meeting you in person. Click on the link below to begin the registration process and the first step into an amazing journey.

CLICK HERE to Register



Questions, comments, or requests for custom workshops? Contact us through our information below. Email is the best method as it will find me wherever I am. 🙂



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