Reiki Masters & Level Three Workshops Canada 2016

Reiki Masters & Level Three Workshops Canada 2016



Now is the time to stand and remember. Remember where you came from. Remember what you came through. Remember what brought your here. The spark that caused you to remember. To remember who you really are.


Then to look ahead.


At what lay before you. What path will your life take from here? What direction? What adventures? What challenges? What victories?


The answers to those questions are not for you to know.
They are for you to create….

Founder of The Healing Center


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Red Deer September 17,18 – The Healing Center

*Edmonton – At this point we aren’t planning on a spring date for a Master’s. If the Red Deer dates don’t work for you be sure to let us know and if we have enough interest we’d love to host one! 🙂



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