Meditation and Manifesting Workshops- The Mexico Experience

Meditation and Manifesting Workshops- The Mexico Experience

Meditating at the Arch in Cabo San Lucas during a Reiki Master’s workshop
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REGISTRATION OPEN!  Be the first to register and not only can you pick the perfect date and location but you’ll enjoy a drastically reduced tuition! Check out the details below.


We’re really, really excited about this one! We’ve always wanted to teach this workshop in Mexico.

There is no better place on this earth to step into a new, revolutionary way of manifesting miracles in your everyday experiences than here!

The two date options we’re suggesting are listed below. All the details are firmed up so all that’s left to do is have our first confirmed registration to lock in a date and we’re all on our way!


Option 1: Meditation & Manifesting Workshop October 24,25
Options 2: Meditation & Manifesting Workshop October 31/November 1
(Saturday/Sunday 10AM-4:30PM Each Day)


REGISTRATION OPEN!  Click on the Register button to pick your perfect date and location you and lock this one in!


Welcome, Join Us!
We are only accepting a maximum of 6 students for this workshop which includes intensive personal coaching and mentoring from your teaching team lead by Russ Littau an International Meditation Teacher.
Join your teacher Russ Littau (Founder of The Healing Center) on an amazing journey of discovering what meditation really is.
He has conducted over 200 meditation gatherings teaching individuals from all walks of life the powerful, life management, skill of meditation. He shares these life changing techniques at his workshops conducted through out Canada, United States, and Mexico.
Sharing not only philosophies and processes but practical meditation techniques that you can use every day to literally change the way you look at life.


“Had a great time this weekend, thanks for everything. Did you notice how you had to almost kick us out at the end, we just didn’t want to leave?” – Brian



Meditation is not about sitting cross legged and chanting Om. At this workshop we’ll share powerful ways of re-connecting to the stillness and power that resides inside you. You’ll wake up the next morning equipped with practical, powerful, techniques you can apply every day in every way. Truly a new way of looking at your life experience.

Whether it’s at home, your workplace, leisure activity, or sports you will have simple techniques you can use to enhance your experiences like you never thought possible.


  • Reduce workplace stress
  • Increase your overall health
  • Increase productivity and creativity
  • Tune your “intuitive senses” to a razor sharp edge
  • Improve concentration and focus for your favorite sporting activity
  • Be happy


Do you know why, no matter how hard you try to enhance or change an aspect of your life (financial, health & fitness, relationship, career, unwanted habits, etc) there are some things you just can’t seem to change?

The reasons lay in the power of the belief systems stored deep inside your sub consciousness. These bastions of power will thwart any conscious attempts you may make to change them. What’s even more frustrating is that you can’t consciously access your own belief systems.

At least until now ……. you will discover you truly are the master of your mind once you begin to practice the transformation action plans contained in the workshop manual that is included in your tuition.

As a matter of fact, when you leave the workshop you will hold in your hand a custom designed tranformational action plan we will walk you through creating.

It’s time for a new spirituality. Not one that’s based entirely on process and philosophy but one that is firmly grounded in our hearts and minds. It’s not simply a stimulating topic for philosophical conversations but powerfull and practical action steps we can take everyday, in every way, to transform our lives.

Not magic, although the results will often appear that way to others, simply because they do not know. They do not know what you will. And that changes everything.

These concepts and technologies have their roots in solid physics from over one hundred years ago. It is simply that we have never been taught anything different that what we already think we know. Your weekend experience will marinate you in a whole new understanding of how the world, your world, really works. Not magic but solid science.


Schedule and Locations

We’ve offered a couple of dates for you to choose from and four of the best locations we can imagine for an experience as exciting and profound as this one. Just as with the dates you have the enviable advantage of choosing which location you would like to attend the workshop.

Remember, as the first registrant, not only do you get to pick the dates and the venue but you’ll also receive a drastic reduction of your tuition.

You can check out the location details below and will have the opportunity on the first portion of the registration to indicate the location you’ve chosen to attend the event.


This exciting workshop takes place at the Park Royal Los Cabos Resort in the heart of San Jose Del Cabo.

This exciting workshop takes place at the luxurious Tropicana Hotel Puerto Vallarta.

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This exciting workshop takes place at the luxurious Palms Resort.

This exciting workshop takes place at the Parayso Beach Hotel in Tulum. You’re welcome to stay with us at any of the local accommodations or if you don’t mind a bit of a drive Cancun, Playa De Carmen and other world famous locations are close by.


Once this event has been confirmed we will firm up the exact venue and update our registered students.

It will begin at 10AM and conclude at 4:30PM with a one hour break for lunch.


NOTE: Tuition does not cover meals or accommodations.



Mindfullness Meditation Workshop Manifesting Abundance Workshop Tuition

Congratulations! You can be the first to register for this workshop and not only lock in the dates of your preference but we’ll also reduce your tuition by $100.


Complete Tuition: $877.00

However …..

Be the first to register and we’ll give you an extra $100 off the deepest discounted tuition!

The Early Bird Tuition, which applies as soon as the event is confirmed, is a $200 discount off the regular tuition. However, with the extra $100 discount you’ll end up only paying $577.00 for the whole thing.

They say the early bird gets the worm but, in this case, you’ll even beat them by 100 bucks! 


Regular Tuition


Early Bird Discount


Register First


Be the first to register for only



Bring a Guest for only $277.00

Everything is better with a friend. On top of everything we’re still offering the wildly popular Bring a Friend discount tuition.

Invite a friend to share this amazing experience with you and their tuition is only $277.00. Yep, that’s $600 less than the regular tuition price.

I would say that’s almost and offer you can’t refuse. 😉

You will be able to select this option in the registration process.

Ready to take the first step into the rest of your best life ever? Plus save a bunch of cash in the process?

Click on the blue register button to begin.


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