Workshops that Fit Your Schedule

Workshops that Fit Your Schedule

Pic taken at a Reiki Master’s workshop in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

Through out the course of my 53 years on this earth I’m quite sure I’ve had people tell me “where to go” ….. in their mind  and some saying it out loud. 🙂


I’ve decided I’m going to apply that same philosophy with our destination workshops and events.


So what we’re doing is letting you all tell us where to go ….. except we are offering the options. 🙂


Through out the website we have presented a variety of workshops in an even larger variety of locations.


If a specific event is marked “Confirmed” it means that the location, and date(s) are locked in and won’t change.


Any that aren’t, means these are potentials for locations and dates that we have selected as options. In these cases, we now turn the decision over to you. We would like you to choose the type of workshop, and the location, and let us know. When you decide the specific one, all it takes is for you to register and Bam! you’ve locked it in and we’ll be there.



How Can This Work?


The biggest reason we can schedule these workshops in this manner is the size of our classes. Just as with our other teachings we continue to keep our classes sizes very small (4-6 students). When you register you essentially form one quarter of the class size. That’s enough for us.


Conduct a Custom Event for your Group


Building on what I’ve previously said, with the small class sizes, it make it very easy for us to conduct a custom workshop specifically for your group. Send us an email with your ideas and we’ll work with you firm up the location and content details.


Thanks a bunch everyone. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

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