Key to the Kingdom by Russ Littau
ISBN 978-0-9918218-2-2
Complimentary E-Book Product

Key to the Kingdom is the third book in the True Essence of Healing Series. You will be able to download the first two books in the series (The Second Wound) and (Ashes of the Dead) directly from the download page of Key to the Kingdom.

 “Step into a whole new perspective on healing by embracing the

intrinsic ability our being has to heal itself in profound and long lasting ways.”

During my last teaching trip to Anaheim in January of 2015 little did I know that I would be as much the student as the teacher. From the first day I arrived to the day before the workshop I was immersed in some direct tutoring from the Universe.
I as journeyed from one experience to another I began to discover daily themes. Looking at my notes from each day’s “class” I quickly recognized a natural progression in my learning. A learning that, once again, changed the way I looked at life.
Key to the Kingdom is the third E-Book in a series chronically my journey over those several days. My desire is that you find the nuggets of pure gold wisdom that I did.