Meet Me in the Zoom Room


Hi! If the picture above says I’m in the Zoom Room it means I’m sitting back, sipping on a coffee and would love for you to virtually stop by and chat. Scroll down for easy instructions and a link to click on that will take you to the virtual meeting room.

If the picture above says OUT it means I’m out and about and away from the Zoom Room. I would love to connect with you though, so email me at russ@healingcenter.ca and we can set up a virtual coffee date!

So what is the Zoom Room?


One of the features of our online community that I enjoy the most is our Zoom Room.

What’s that you may ask? Think of it a a virtual teaching and networking space on the net. We use a small piece of software from www.zoom.us which allows each of us to connect in a shared space with audio/video/text chat. You’ll often see me posting on Facebook status “I’m in the Zoom Room!” with a link to click on. Click on it and before you know we chatting face to face, or your voice to my face if you prefer. 🙂 Whatever way is most comfortable for you is perfect with me. 🙂 Ask a question, share experiences with others, or just say Hi!

It’s very simple and easy to connect with my in my Zoom Room

The link below is your direct access to the Zoom Room. When you click on it,  the following will happen.




How to Connect

Tablet or Phone

If you are connecting through a tablet or phone, one of two things will happen. If you already have the Zoom app installed on your phone you will be directly ushered into the meeting room. If you don’t you will be asked to allow the app to download, install, and run on your phone and then you will automatically be sent into the meeting room. (You will only have to download/install the app once.


If you’re connecting with a computer, after clicking on the link you will be taken to www.zoom.us. The app will download and instantly run on your computer and you will be taken into the room.

After you’ve been connected to the Zoom Room

After you’ve been connected, one of two things will happen.

If I’m currently in the room you will see my video window and we’re good to go.

If you see a window that says Waiting for Meeting Host. It means I’m not currently in the room. If you have a bit of time you can wait as I’ll receive a notification that someone is waiting for me and if I’m available I’ll join you. 

If not, message me through Facebook or Email and we can set up a time to meet.

Here’s the link to the Zoom website: www.zoom.us