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You’ve had a mountain top experience, now what? GAMV Ecourse


You’ve had a mountain top experience, now what?

Maybe it’s a workshop, group gathering, conference, or just a magic moment, but you’ve just been immersed in a life transforming experience. You’ve been to the mountain top and your life is changed forever.

Ever notice how, all too often, the feeling wears off and you’re right back into the old normal you thought you’d left? Why does this happen?

These externally generated epiphanies are only designed to initiate the life changes not to sustain it. It’s our job to take the externally generated momentum and continue to feed it ourselves. How to we do that?

It’s actually quite simple, ask yourself the question “What practices can I include in my daily experience that cause me to feel similar feelings?” Now, you may say “I don’t have a clue what those may be!” Well, that’s part of your job. As I like to call it, your spiritual practice provides vital non-physical nutrients that will feed the internal momentum and cause it to, not only persist, but to grow and flourish.

Notice I said simple not easy. It may take a bit of thinking and trial and error but we can all discover some simple practices that, for us, harmonize with those wonderful feelings we experienced on the mountain. They don’t have to be as profound and they don’t need to be. Little by little, as you focus consistent time and energy you will find those things that bring you peace.

It may take some work but it will be the best investment of your time you’ll ever spend.



I’m going to spend a little time each day contemplating what I can do that will help me to nurture the feelings of connectedness and well being that I know is my birth right. 


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