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Community Project New Letter December 2016

Hey kids! This is, without a doubt, the coolest and most valuable project I’ve embarked upon in a long time. It’s dream I’ve had for some time now and was waiting for the timing and the tools to present themselves. They have, and now we can begin!

Here are our building plan so far

A Community Oriented Website Experience

I’ve revamped our home website to radiate the essence of what community is. Support, learning, growing, and networking. Be sure to head over and check it out by clicking on the HOME button in the menu above.

Join me for my regular Facebook Live Broadcasts

We’ve ramped up our Facebook Live Broadcasting presence. To datey we have offered online meditation and distance healing sessions as well as regular broadcasts with a variety of interesting topics, and discussions. Check out or Fanpage at www.facebook.healingcenter.ca and scroll down to find the events and archived broadcasts.

Stop by and chat in the Zoom Room

We’ve opened the Zoom Room. What’s that you may ask? Think of it a a virtual teaching and networking space on the net. We use a small piece of software from www.zoom.us which allows each of us to connnect in a shared space with audio/video/text chat. You’ll often see me posting on Facebook status “I’m in the Zoom Room!” with a link to click on. Click on it and before you know we chatting face to face, or your voice to my face if you prefer. 🙂 Whatever way is most comfortable for you is perfect with me. 🙂 Ask a question, share experiences with others, or just say Hi!

Participate in our Online Reiki Refresher Events

One of the future events taking place in the Zoom Room we’re really excited about is Reiki Refresher Events. During this gatherings in our Zoom Room we’ll offer teaching on different topics related to Reiki and living a Spiritual Lifestyle. Because you will all be present we can all learn from each by sharing our own experience and learnings.


Help Us Build the Community and Spread the Word

If you’re found value in our what we’ve offered maybe you’d like to support us and the growth of our community below. As you know, everything we offer comes from a deep passion and purpose with in us. We really focus on offering the best value possible at the most economically cost we can. If you would like to send an gift our way we greatly appreciate it. It will help us to build this online community in new and exciting ways.


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