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Stop trying to eliminate what you don’t want GAMV Ecourse


Stop trying to eliminate what you don’t want

So often we focus on identifying and then eliminating those aspects of our life experience that we don’t want. While this, on the surface, seems like a good idea once we understand the true nature of those thing we don’t want we see that it’s incredible self defeating.

What we don’t want is not a “thing” but the absence of “something”. Just like a dark room is simply the absence of light, the same principles applies to those unwanted aspects of our life experience. What we don’t want isn’t real, it’s simply the noticing of the absence of what we do want.

As you go about your day, when you notice those things you don’t want, ask yourself the question “What do I want instead of this?” It will help focus your creative energies on introducing the desire you’re really looking for which will automatically replace the absence of it.



Today I will notice what I don’t want and then use it as a jumping off point for helping me choose what I do want. 


Got A Minute Video from today’s E-course

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