Spectacular Relationships through Energy Mechanics – Regina


  • 5 Fundamental Relationships of Life

  • Bridging the Universal Masculine and Feminine

  • Healing Yourself to Enhance Your Relationships

  • Loving Yourself in a Whole New Way

  • Loving Your Partner as You Love Yourself

This will be the first time we’ve presented this material and I don’t mind saying I’m pretty darn exciting about sharing these amazing truths and techniques I’ve received in these past couple of months.

Everything in our life from our partner to our finances rest upon the foundation of our relationship with it/them. Your problem isn’t finances it’s your relationship to them. The issues with your partner is not your partner it’s YOUR relationship to your partner. If the issue is health related it’s still all about your relationship to health.

This is where it gets really excited. One of the biggest areas of neglect, both in understanding, and practice is embracing what we’re calling Universal Masculine and Feminine energies. Notice I didn’t say male and female? We are infinitely creative beings however we’ve forgotten how to create.

During the amazing and interesting evening you’ll learn about this two very powerful concepts as well as techniques to harness these energy to heal, grow, expand and evolve in ways that frankly you probably never dreamed possible.

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