How long does it take to make ice

The attached podcast is from our meditation gathering at The Healing Center from February 13, 2013. I talk about a common “mistake” we often make when we are learning new skills such as Reiki, Meditation, etc. It’s a parable I’ve entitled “How long does it take to make ice”

Let’s play a game of forget

  The attached is an audio from our meditation gathering in Red Deer at The Healing Center. So many times, the reason we keep searching for the “solutions” in our lives is because what we’re looking for is laying at our feet. The answers reside within the simplicity of this …

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Seven main Chakra overview

In this segment I give a short overview of our seven main chakras and their physical and non-physical (energetic) attributes. As a quick summary here is a list. Name             Non-Physical                     Physical Seventh/Crown Chakra – …

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The Prisoner, the Snake, and Freedom ….

Reiki Classes Red Deer – In this video excerpts from a Reiki Master’s workshop in Edmonton, Alberta I talk about the difference between feeling fear and being afraid. Through this clarification we discover that what we fear the most is often the stepping stone to new freedoms and expansive horizons …

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The one true cause of our

Audio excerpt from a Reiki workshop conducted by Russ Littau, founder of The Healing Center in June, 2013. In this audio excerpt I share my vision of the one true root cause of all our “problems” and how we, as Reiki Practitioners, can act as a powerful catalyst for it …

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