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Manifesting Abundance Multi-Media Home Study Course


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 The Ultimate Experience of Awareness, Exploration, and Abundance

This is, by far, the longest journey of inspiration, perspiration, frustration, elation, passion, and obsession I have ever taken since the birth of The Healing Center and my own personal mission to do my part in supporting all those who find me in creating a life of magnificence and meaning.

I think climbing Mount Everest might have been easier! 🙂

However, as I look upon the products conceived six years ago and given birth to today, it was well worth it.


This is a Certification course offered through The Healing Center


In the beginning all I had was a dream, a dream that things could be different for me. I felt like a very small boat in a very big and unpredictable ocean, constantly being thrown about by my external circumstances. Only feeling safe when my circumstances told me I was, feeling peaceful when my surroundings were peaceful, feeling abundant only on those odd occasions where I had more finances instead of less.

That was until a fateful day, when on July 21, 2009, everything changed for me. Suddenly life started to make sense. I had a new purpose, a new vision, a new way of relating with my world and myself. I was no longer at the mercy of everyone and everything around me. I had begun a new path. One, that over the course of the next 6 years, has transformed my life in ways I never dreamed possible. Russ Littau – Founder of The Healing Center and creator of the Perfect Life Abundance Home Study.

The home study products alone cost $471.00 however at this once in a lifetime event you receive it all  for only $277.00!!

 The classic definition of Geometryxs is “A selection of maps and charts that take esoteric understandings and condense them into easy to follow principles for powerful living”. I received these charts and drawings, along with their teachings, at the beginning of my 6 year quest. They have proven their worth many times over. On more than one occasion we have had university training professional state “You’ve take an entire course curriculum and explained in a powerfully clear manner in one simple map! Now it all makes sense!” geometryxs banner

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Understanding what meditation is and how to embrace it’s power of peace and presence is the foundation of a powerful life. It’s just that simple. During your workshop I’ll use a method of understanding and interacting with the spiritual and the practical using a system of charts and maps we call Geometryxs. This simple yet powerful system was given to me during my meditation times as a method of distilling often esoteric and hard to understand creative principles into easy to follow and apply roadmaps for living a life of peace and power.

Manifesting Abundance

Quite simply, manifesting abundance is taking your inner most dreams and desires and nurturing them through the creative process from inner world fantasies to real world realities.

I know at first glance the previous statement sounds very much like a line from Alice in Wonderland. And frankly, when you don’t understand the inner mechanics of creation it is. However, during your workshop, I will guide you on the path from fantasy to functionality in ways, that while they may seem miraculous to others, are simply the powerful and practical application of your new found truths.

“The Only Manual for Life You’ll Ever Need” abundance collectionOver 2 hours of video instruction

Guided Meditations for Abundance

200+ page color manual



Truthfully, this is what makes this workshop far superior to many others like it.

 I have one desire and focus for all my workshops and that’s simply RESULTS!

What I truly care about is results – Yours.

I really want to see you achieve profound benefits of your time with me beyond even what I can expect. That is my definition of a Win Win for both of us and why I do my very best to offer as many tools and teachings as I can to support you in that quest.

It works for me. It works fantastic for me. I refer to it daily.

It also works for the countless other students who I have shared this revelation with.

It works for me. It works for them. It will work for you.

I invite you to join us.

If you choose, from this day forward, you will never be the same.

Home Study Tuition

$277 gets you all of the following

10736103_10203094131938077_299360428_n3 Hour interactive home study course with one on one mentoring and instruction by International Meditation and Manifesting teacher Russ Littau Certificate of completion by The Healing Center

abundance collection

$471.00 Value for only $277!

200+ page Manifesting Abundance Home Study Manual

Instructional DVD with 2 hours instruction on Manifesting Abundance



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