Coaching and Mentoring

We have 3 tiers of Coaching and Mentoring so whether you just need a quick energy top up, assistance in overcoming a hurdle that has presented itself, or stepping into a fundamental shift in your life experience one of these will fill the bill perfectly.


Join us in the Zoom Room

We’ve opened the Zoom Room. What’s that you may ask? Think of it a a virtual teaching and networking space on the net. We use a small piece of software from www.zoom.us which allows each of us to connect in a shared space with audio/video/text chat. You’ll often see me posting on Facebook status “I’m in the Zoom Room!” with a link to click on. Click on it and before you know we chatting face to face, or your voice to my face if you prefer. šŸ™‚ Whatever way is most comfortable for you is perfect with me. šŸ™‚ Ask a question, share experiences with others, or just say Hi!


One on One Tune Up

If you’re looking for a more formal session with myself we can also set up a specific time for some one on one in the Zoom Room.Ā 

  • A specific challenge or obstacle you would like some guidance in more through

  • Looking for a phsycial/emotional healing through a guided Reiki distance healing treatment

  • Want to do some concentrated work on manifesting a dream or desire.

These are some excellent examples where a one on one session with me is the perfect fit.

Now, you know me, I’m all about speed. šŸ™‚ These sessions will look like this.

  • Creating a space where you can feel safe

  • Discovering and focusing in on the purpose for the session

  • Applying understanding to the landscape of the challenge and/or charting a path to where we want to go.

  • A clear set of action steps that you can apply now!

  • A guided meditation/distance healing treatment to get things started

As soon as our session is complete I’ll email/message you an audio recording so you can review it and participate in the healing portion as often as you wish.

And we’re going to do all this in 20 minutes!

I’ve titled these coaching and mentoring sessions 20 for 20. A packed 2o minute one on one session will cost $20. We can achieve a lot in 20 minutes however if you wish to have longer sessions we simply tack on another 20 minutes.Ā 

This is for me, what’s next? Email/message me and we can firm up the details and arrange a time for our session. russ@healingcenter.ca



Diamond Level Transformation Programs

“Where do I go from here?”

“Is this the first step towards a new career in helping others heal?”

“Is this a new personal direction for me, and if so, to where?”

“I’m really tired and am looking for a change!”

Questions like these and others often cause us to really wonder about where we’ve been and where we are going.

Our Diamond Level Coaching and Mentoring program is a long term, one on one, journey that you and I will embark upon to answer these questions, and more.

3Using a very simple, yet powerful set of tools, together we’ll build a direction and action plan. Then, I will personally work with you to guide you through the inevitable “growing pains” of stepping into new ways of living.

Through regular coaching and mentoring sessions conducted through phone, email, and online video meetings I’ll mentor and coach you through this amazing journey that lay ahead of you.

Before you say yes, here’s what you need to know.

My role in the process is to support, offer distance healing, coaching, and guiding, however it will also be to hold you accountable for taking the steps. I only care about one thing, you seeing results. If your “homework” isn’t done you’re going to hear about it from me. šŸ™‚

This program will span two months and will consist of online, interactive, sessions once every week.

The first steps will be to set up our session schedule and conduct our first meeting. At that time you’ll receive some home study materials to work through to help you get your journey underway.


Now is the time for me! How do I begin? Email/message me and we will work out the details and set up time frame for our sessions. russ@healingcenter.ca