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My passion and purpose is to get the message that I’ve been given to deliver delivered. If fuels the in person workshops we conduct and the online content and training programs we offer 

Over the years we’ve been enormously blessed through the countless emails and messages from so many of you expressing the value of the content we’ve shared.

Recently we’ve posted a continually growing list of free at home study courses.

If you’ve received value from our offerings, and would like to show us some love, you can now buy us an E-Coffee through Starbucks or Tim Hortons.

We have both apps on our phones (big surprise :)) so all you have to do is go to either link below and send some caffeine our way.





12 hours ago

Crazy human trick #22 Just because we don't see anything happening we think the Universe has taken a very long lunch break.

12 hours ago

BAM!! 500 video views for our Ask the Wizard Broadcast from June 20. Thanks so much!

17 hours ago

Hey kids, Tracy (Russ & Tracy Show) and I were chatting about this episode from a series I did in 2015 called Got A Minute Video. This episode was shot at one of the cemetery in New Orleans when I ... See more

1 day ago
Reiki Training Classes Level One and Two Certification Grande Prairie

If you live in the Grande Prairie area and would love to take a Reiki course but weekends aren't your thing, this is the event for you! Special mid-week class July 5,6. Plus we through in an extra ... See more

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