October 14,15 2017


You been asking when we would have our next Manifesting Abundance Workshop.
You’re question’s been answered! We’ve added a Manifesting Workshop designed to blend perfectly with Meditation concepts and practices we’ll teach on the previous day.

Welcome, Join Us!

We are only accepting a maximum of 4 students for this workshop which includes intensive personal coaching and mentoring from your teaching team lead by Russ Littau an International Meditation Teacher.


What makes us so different?

  • Small intimate class sizes
  • Personalized one on one instruction and mentoring
  • Not just philosphies and theories but hard core techniques you can apply everyday
  • Application, application, application, that’s what its all about and that’s what we teach.
  • Unprecendented student support
  • Teachers who truly “walk the talk”

 This workshop is being hosted through our sister website at www.healingcenter.ca

For complete details and to register CLICK HERE