The following is a transcript of our radio show called On the Road with the Spirituality Expert. This episode aired in November 2014

Good evening, welcome to another episode of On The Road with the Spirituality Expert. I’m your host Russ Littau and tonight we are broadcasting from San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. We have just completed teaching a Reiki Master’s workshop here.

The title for this episode is Completing the Circle

The first workshop we taught outside of our home base, located in Red Deer, Alberta, was a place called Lethbridge the fall of 2009. We had dreamt of teaching outside of Red Deer and now the opportunity presented itself but all the way to Lethbridge? It was 200 miles away from Red Deer, however it might as well of been 2,000,000.  I can remember so clearly the ups and downs, the challenges and the “Holy smokes how are we going to make this work?” All the challenges that come along with stepping into something new, especially the first time.

In what seemed like an instant we were enveloped by the maelstrom of trying to manage and figure out the infinite number of little, and not so little, details. “How’s this possibly ever going to work?” presented itself on many an occasion.

We selected the hotel, and gazed wistfully at the pictures they had posted online. Some were of the large atrium within the facility with a wonderful hot tub, large indoor trees, and an assortment of lounge chairs. We said to ourselves “We don’t know exactly what “it’s” going to look like. We don’t know what the particulars are going to look like, we don’t know how many students we’re going to have. We don’t know exactly how this is going to work out, but here’s what we choose to know to be true. At the end of the classes on Sunday afternoon we are going to be sitting by that hot tub and the flavor of our conversation will be how perfect the weekend was, how we had the perfect number of students, and the perfect experience. We feel abundant, fulfilled and on purpose.

You know, even though we felt like we were strapped on a never ending rollercoaster of “How the heck is this thing ever going to work?” and had our fair share of sincere doubts, come Sunday evening, after the workshop, I broadcast an episode of our radio show by that very same hot tub we only experienced as an image in our minds a month earlier. With complete integrity I was able to say “We had the perfect experience and the perfect number of students. We feel fulfilled abundant and on purpose.”

In that moment we completed the circle.

Here’s what I mean by that statement. The moment of sitting by the hot tub after having a fantastic workshop began over a year before.

Even though it made absolutely no sense.

Even though, if you looked at our external circumstances it would make no sense that we could do this.

Still, we chose to have a dream, we chose to have a desire and we decided that, even though we didn’t know how or when, we did know it wasn’t an “if”. It was only a “when”. We decided that workshop was going to happen. We were going to teach all the way in Lethbridge. We held on to that choice, and it took some time, a plethora of challenges, and ups and downs, but we decided come hell or high water we’re going to complete the circle. The completion from desiring it in our hearts to living it in our physical world.

We just kept going. No matter what happened we were going to complete the circle. We were going to be there. And you know, we were. That was a huge deal for us. We just made it happen, and when we did everything changed. Why?

Because we completed the circle.

At the workshop this past weekend we talked about how 999 out of 1000 people think about journeying towards what they desire. They plan on beginning the circle. 998 of them will never actually start. Their desire never leaves the safety and security of the sketch pad in their minds.

1 of the 999 starts the journey. They start the circle. Now this step, in and of itself, separates them from the 998 and is not to be undervalued. They start the journey but they don’t finish it. They decide along the way it’s too difficult, it’s unrealistic, they talk themselves out of it and they stop. They stop before they’ve completed the circle.  I told our students “I don’t care what the end of the circle looks like. I simply don’t care. Complete the circle.”

First of all you don’t know the things that can take place, the almost magically circumstances and “coincidences” that play a role in supporting you in getting to the end of the circle. Getting from desire to fruition of that desire in the hard core “facts” of your physical experience.” So many people never start, very few actually start, and most of them stop.

However,  1 out of the 1000 drives through to the end and completes the circle.

One of the 1000 keeps going and completes the circle. That’s what changes everything. It doesn’t matter whether you complete 25, 50, 75 or even 99 percent of the circle. It’s not about how close you can get to completing it, it’s completing it. You drive that desire through to the end. I don’t care what the end looks like because, frankly, you don’t know. You just keep going. You just keep going. You refuse to quit and in that moment anything is possible.

For us, in Lethbridge, in September of 2009 we knew we could teach in Lethbridge. Why?  Because we did. It’s not like we thought about it, and didn’t do anything. It’s not like we thought about it, started and quit. It’s not that we went just about all the way and then stopped. We drove it through to the end and wouldn’t ya know it, come Sunday evening, we sat by the hot tub and said “We have now taught, (not that we’re going to, not that we just about did), but we have taught in Lethbridge. All the way, 200 miles, and in that moment everything changed.

It didn’t change up to that moment, it didn’t change when we were thinking, planning, or driving there, not even at the beginning of the workshop. It changed the moment we completed it, because now the circle is complete. We have done it.

That changes everything.

And now, five years later, we’ve completed another circle. Teaching in Mexico started out as a desire, a crazy desire, my goodness teaching all the way in Mexico. How far away is that? It’s a completely different country. Oh my goodness, all these different things that may not work, we need to figure out ahead of time, all the details. All that was true, but we decided what was even more true was we were going to teach in Mexico. It was just that simple, We’re going to Mexico to teach.

We didn’t know how. We really didn’t know when but there was no question as to whether it was an “if”. We’re going.

And you know what? We had the same type of challenges and doubts with Mexico as we did with Lethbridge. But the one thing that was never in question was if. Because we didn’t care what the outcome was we were going to complete the circle.

You never know the miracles will happen to allow you to experience everything you desire. However, until you complete the circle you’ll never know.

You just keep going, You just don’t stop. You get bull headed and stubborn. There’s a very important place for bull headed stubbornness in your journey. To keep choosing, even though, and especially when, nothing in your external world seems to support your choice.

We just kept going. And now, as I’m standing here on our balcony, looking out over the Sea of Cortez, after completing a Reiki Masters class in Mexico, we can say “We’ve completed another circle.” We can say, with total honesty, integrity, and accuracy, that there was the perfect number of students, it was the perfect experience, we feel abundant, fulfilled, and on purpose.

We now know again, in an even bigger way, that all things are possible.

Because we completed the circle.

Now the only left to do is to start another circle. Lethbridge felt like going to the moon. When we first started Mexico it felt like going to the moon. So now what’s the next move that we’re going to choose?

To go the moon.

And we know it’s not a matter of “if”, it’s only a matter of when and how and as long as we keep going and don’t stop, we’ll complete another circle.

My name is Russ Littau and we have taught in Mexico. We now know that to be true  and that changes everything.

Don’t stop, complete the circle.

Don’t stop, all things are possible.

Don’t stop, keep going.

Believe in the unbelievable.

It’s your choice.

It’s all you have to do.