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Personal & Spiritual Development – Manifesting Abundance

Create your own powerful template for your perfect life and manifest it through a powerful Reiki infused guided meditation healing treatment.

A very common comment that will arise during our events is “I’m not really sure what I really want.” The second is “I have so many desires I don’t know which one to start with.” Whether it’s too many or non the answer to both dilemmas is the same, clarity. Clarity of direction is one of the most important factors in becoming an effective and powerful manifestor. In this teaching and treating series you will build a powerful template for creating your perfect life experience.

The Reiki infused guided meditation supports you in supercharging your new life from dreams to manifestation in your present moment life.

This teaching and treating home study program includes:


  • 7:39 Introduction
  • 13:36 Overview of the desires template
  • 16:21 Creating your own life template
  • 5:47 Preparing for your Guided Meditation and Reiki Distance Healing Treatment
  • 13:47 Reiki Infused Guided Meditation and Distance Healing Treatment

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$60.00 inc GST