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The Straight Shooters with Greg and Russ

Episode Title: The “Straight Shooters” with Greg Dickson & Russ Littau
Episode Length 55 minutes

Personal and spiritual development have nothing to do with business right? Well maybe not. Maybe it’s time we started to own up to the fact that they are different aspects of the same whole. Who knows, maybe our professional persona is nothing more than an external expression of our internal evolution. Join us tomorrow as Greg Dickson and myself put these provocative topics under the magnifying glass.

Ask the Wizard Almost Daily June 2

Episode Title: Challenging the Illusion of Reality
Episode Length: 45 Min

There comes a time when you stand up to the limitations of your physical world and shout out NO MORE! Now, what’s critically important is the energetic stance you make that declaration from. On this episode of Ask the Wizard Almost Daily Coaching I’ll have my electronic flip chart and we’ll explore this fascinating topic.