Category: Anything Can Happen Thursdays

Ask the Wizard Almost Daily June 1

Episode Title: Navigating the Waste Lands of Spiritual Growth

Length: 45 minutes

And now back to our regular programming of Anything Can Happen Thursday with Russ Littau AKA Ask the Wizard on the Convergence Media Network. If we wish to grow, expand, and evolve in meaningful ways we find ourselves in a place where we we have left who we are and what we know, moving towards what we wish to be, however we are stuck in this very strange place in between the two. Understanding this terrain and ways to effectively navigate is our teaching topic for this episode

Anything Can Happen Wednesday Edition May 31

Episode Title: Anything Can Happen Wednesday Edition

Episode Length: 45 minutes

Just as I suspected, all you have to do is get us started and you’ll never know where we’ll end up! Who/what is God, the secret to fulfillment and joy, the profound difference between information and value were just a few of the themes. ALSO, at the end of the broadcast Greg offered a fantastic free-be to all the viewers. Watch the end of the broadcast to find out what it is and how to benefit immensely from it!